Treat Bronchitis With the Secrets of Chinese Medicine

It is almost that time of year again, time for cooler weather and crisp fall days, but that also means time for a yearly bought of bronchitis. Many people that have suffered from bronchitis before will tell you that they typically dread the fall and winter months because they know it is coming. What if this year you fight your bronchitis off in a new way? What if you tried Chinese medicine instead of western medicine this year! You may be surprised at just how quickly your bronchitis symptoms will disappear!

The United Nations World Health Organization includes bronchitis as one of the conditions that is treatable with acupuncture. If you have not yet tried acupuncture I have to tell you that you are going to love it. Not only will it help to treat what ails you but it also is going to make you feel the most comfortable feeling you have ever felt in your life. I have personally experienced acupuncture and can tell you that I have never felt so calm and relaxed as I did when I was having my acupuncture treatments.

When treating bronchitis acupuncturists use lung 5, which is located on the inside of your elbow. This acupuncture point is one of the two points they will use to treat your bronchitis. Another point they are going to stimulate with acupuncture is lung 6, which is up high on the thickest part of the forearm. You can actually stimulate these points on your body with your fingers and use acupressure to feel some relief from your bronchitis symptoms.

Don’t dread the upcoming cooler weather seasons, give acupuncture a try and get relief from your yearly bronchitis.

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