Learning About Chinese Medicine

As a fourth year medical school student there are many things that I still do not know. I know how to handle major issues and I feel very comfortable with working in a hospital. But I am still a young student that needs to be trained and sculpted by the masters. Because of this I am always taking every opportunity I have to learn something new. This summer I am traveling to Beijing, China to learn about Chinese medicine. I am not going to practice medicine full time in China but I am interested in learning how they handle the issues they do and some of the old ways that they have learned to use medication. There is no denying the simple fact that the Chinese medicine from hundreds of years ago is still used in a large part of the country. So in order to better understand how Chinese medicine works, I am going to intern there for a few months.

I am looking forward to the experience. I really feel that I will be given a leg up on the competition. Just in case you didn’t think there was a competition allow me to explain what I mean. Medical school is something that mirrors Capitol Hill. Politicians are cutthroat and so are doctors. We always want to be right and we all want to be the one that makes a major discovery. Part of getting a leg up on the competition is making sure you are able to land a great job in a hospital that has worldwide recognition. That is why I am going to Johns Hopkins. However before I get there I am going to master Chinese medicine and I will blow the socks off the competition.

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