Essential Oils Are A Great Alternative Medicine

I have recently heard about a company called DoTerra Essential Oils that I really want to get involved in. I have been looking for ways to treat illnesses in my family with things besides over the counter medications. I use to be the type that wouldn’t even take an aspirin when I had a headache because I don’t like to take medications unless I absolutely have to. I do take medications if I have to but most of the times I like to try an alternative approach first. I feel that alternative medications are a better alternative to traditional medications because they typically don’t have as many side effects. Essential oils are a great alternative to traditional medications because they are pure and effective. They also don’t have to be taken in large doses in order to work. Most of the time essential oils can be taken one or two drops at a time and the effects last a very long time. I once had an essential oils party where a lady came out to show me how to use the oils. I happened to have a really bad sinus headache that night and had not been able to shake it for weeks on end. The lady showed me that I could put one drop of peppermint oil and one drop of eucalyptus oil in a little bit of water and drink it. I am not joking when I say that my headache went away within a few minutes and I didn’t have another one for at least two months! I was amazed! I cannot wait to purchase DoTerra Essential Oils for me and my family.

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