Chinese Medicine And Survival Tools Used on “Naked and Afraid”

Have you ever watched the show called Naked and Afraid? It is a really exciting show that attempts to show the darker side of survival. So many people have the idea that they would be able to survive no matter what. So many people have the thought that they are the exception to the rule. So the Discovery channel has created a show where the participants are taken to a very remote location, they are stripped of their belongings and their clothing, and then they are left alone. The only have one person to rely on other than themselves and they have to live for 21 days. It is a really exciting premise and I have to admit that I have been watching the show for a few years now. The things I love the most about the show are all the survival tools used on “Naked and Afraid”.

I would have never thought that survival tools used on “Naked and Afraid” would actually be tools that I could use for myself. When you are watching television you seem to have the idea that the tools they use are only for them. But other people can purchase the tools they are using as well. The thing I learned the other night while watching the show is that Chinese medicine is a wonderful thing. They were staying beside a river and a younger woman was having severe back pain. So here partner decided that he would try and use some techniques from Chinese medicine. The idea was to use massage therapy but it all came from China. Who would have thought that Chinese medicine would be featured so prominently on a show like this?

This show has a few issues in my mind as well. I am starting to have the opinion that the teams they place together are told to argue and bicker. I have found a few teams that get along well but the majority of them argue and fight like cats and dogs. I hate this. But apparently it makes for good theater and thus the cameras and the audience eats it up. Survival tools used on “Naked and Afraid” are often the topic of many discussions. While some will be happy about a firestarter others will be happy about a frying pan. Still other people are more interested in having a great knife or even a bow. I am not sure the best tools to have but I have witnessed lot of tool use on this show. I can say this, survival tools used on “Naked and Afraid” are some of the basic tools that we use everyday and they really allow us to see what you have to do in order to live in the wild for 3 weeks or more.

While every show is different and they will not all have spots were Chinese medicine is used, there have been a few where this has occurred. I am thankful that I had the chance to see these episodes. While I am still learning about the survival tools used on “Naked and Afraid”, I am hoping to become a bit more skilled and a bit more knowledgeable so that I can be a part of this show.