Using Acupuncture to Overcome Lifelong Phobias

Most of us assume that acupuncture is something that is only done to help injuries heal or to improve the connection between mind and body. We’d never even think about going to an acupuncturist for assistance with a phobia. Most of us would think only a psychiatrist would be able to help with overcoming phobias, but research indicates that acupuncture could be an important factor when you want to face what frightens you.

Unlike straight up fear which is usually a direct reaction to an immediate situation, phobias are more of a perceived threat, though if the phobia is severe enough, it could morph into genuine fear when you’re confronted with a specific trigger. The origin of this fear gets it start in many different part of the brain which than trigger a physical response in your body.

Individuals who have extensively studied acupuncture know that there are certain points on the body that stimulate a specific response in your brain. The endorphins released by the acupuncture work on the brain like drugs, creating a completely natural high. The process is so effective that it has been used to help people recover from a traumatic brain injury and to help them overcome addictions. Many people have even used it to help them get over life long, irrational phobias.

If you decide that acupuncture is a good way to help you overcome a lifelong phobia, you need to choose your acupuncturist with care. Don’t settle for anyone who doesn’t have a great deal of experience with your specific issue. Before you allow them to work on you, double check both their credentials and their references.

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