Acupuncture: A Chinese Miracle

Acupuncture is a traditional all-natural Chinese medicine practice sweeping the Western nations. It consists of the painless insertion of tiny needles into acupuncture points in the body that correspond with specific areas of the body. It is extremely important to find a highly knowledgeable practitioner with extensive training in the science of acupuncture, and in some cases in the specific area you are desire treatment for. I used acupuncture for six months for treatment of anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and regulation of reproductive health. I found acupuncture to be a huge success in treating ailments that were unsuccessfully treated through mainstream Western medicine. I felt better than I had ever felt in my life.

The only reason that I discontinued the sessions was due to the financial burden. Though the treatment programs are highly effective, they are rarely covered on insurance and are very expensive. Had I been able to continue acupuncture, I know that the financial burden carried by my insurance carrier for medication and doctor bills would be significantly diminished. In addition to the specific ailments I was being treated for, I found an excellent fringe benefit. As a teacher, I am regularly exposed to various germs and illnesses. Prior to receiving acupuncture treatments, I became ill, on average, every six to eight weeks with colds or viruses. In spite of the fact that I have not received treatment in over two years, my immunity boost has sustained. I am rarely ill, even when a cold or virus passes through the other members of my household. Acupuncture is used to treat virtually any ailment including, chronic illness/pain, infertility, psychological disorders, obesity, and even the secession of addictions. I highly recommend and encourage you to research the benefits of acupuncture and consider trying for yourself.